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As a guest in our hotel you will find our spacious rooms to be well appointed with all of the extras you expect in hotels. Today we have fully furnished rooms in four categories to choose from. All equipped with modern and ultra convenient facilities. We have squares feet of meeting space and banquet facilities available for your scheduled meetings and events.

New Remodeling Rooms

Over a period of time, catering to a wide spectrum of guests and visitors we have realized comfort is not a one word definition. It is a phenomenon. It is about warmth, association and about pleasant surprises. At The Orchard Greens, we have tried to combine the essence of comfort with specialised services. Every room is designed to the taste and reflects an emotional bonding culminating into an experience par words.
Comfort Zone- unwind yourself !
Sit back, close your eyes and let this environment please you with comfort. Every corner is moulded in wood to provide cosy architectural patterns, which will refresh you completely.
Surprise at no extra price-
The velocity of this range will promise to bring a smile on your face. A look at the arrangement, facilities, the décor and a quick comparison with tariff and you will find yourself in complete awe.
There are some initial questions many guests have when they first contact Orchard Greens Group. If you don’t find the answers here, you should contact us for answers to your specific questions.
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