7 Myths About Destination Wedding Busted

7 Myths About Destination Wedding Busted

Often destination weddings are surrounded by many myths that conceal the beauty and comfort of these grand events. There are many myths due to which people hesitate from opting for destination weddings as their top choice. Hotel The Orchard Greens opens up the truths behind these myths. Follow through to know the real goodness of destination weddings in Manali.

Destination Wedding are too simple

Often the simplicity of the destination wedding is portrayed in most stock images. This is the root cause of the myth. The setting around the apple trees is simple and plain because the scenery around speaks for itself. There is little need for fancy decors at such weddings but you can add them too if you want to. Since Indian weddings have got more to do with the glamour and show biz; such clear backgrounds would no doubt seem too plain to people. Customizing your venue is totally up to you.

Not much to do

Many times the destinations are so isolated that guests haven’t got much to do. This limitation of extremely aloof venues has given rise to the myth that destination weddings are boring. The hill stations like Manali have got all the beautiful places to explore. Old temples like The Hadimba Devi Temple, Ghatotkach Temple, Manu Temple, Vashisht Temple, and Manikaran Gurudwara are few places to visit in Manali. Aside from that people can have fun at paragliding, skiing, zorbing, etc. at Solang Valley.

Chances of getting ill are high

This might be true if you are traveling to a place that has swamps and marshlands. Many exotic locations in underdeveloped countries are beautiful but increase the chances of people for getting ill. The air in the Himalayas is clean and the water is pure. Every inch in Manali is full of freshness. There are least chances of getting ill at a destination like Manali.

There is poor connectivity

Good venues like Hotel The Orchard Greens offer perfect connectivity through road. The property is also complete with all the modern amenities and facilities. Manali itself is connected through, air and road to the major cities of North India. You can get the best connectivity and excellent Wi-Fi at our property.

People with disabilities will find it difficult

Although many places do not pay attention to the special needs of old people and people with disabilities, Hotel The Orchard Greens offers personalized facilities for such events. The property is easy to get around even for old people. Besides, Manali is well connected to other cities and Hotel The Orchard Greens is located at the prime location that is easily drivable.

Not a money saver

People often keep quality before budget when planning for a destination wedding. The variation in luxury depends on the host. If you want to cut down cost on your destination wedding, then celebrate the event in Manali. Manali is not just budget-friendly, it is also beautiful. Pick Hotel The Orchard Greens for a great event within budget.

Your honeymoon begins at the destination

While most of the couples prefer to enjoy their honeymoon at the destination of their wedding, it is not necessary for you to do so. You have the option to choose and you can elope for the honeymoon as well.

Hotel The Orchard Greens in Manali is a great venue to throw the Party of your dreams. Your experience with us is going to be great and you can have unlimited fun along with your friends and family if you choose to celebrate your destination wedding in Manali. Enjoy the wonderful views of the adjoining mountains from the balcony of the hotel. Make your trip memorable for your guests with the stay at Hotel The Orchard Greens Manali.

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