How to get benefited from online hotel booking in Manali

How to get benefited from online hotel booking in Manali

The power of the internet has opened new horizons for the hospitality and hotel industry. Hotels can now directly connect with customers via social media platforms, which was not the case easier.

This extends to the benefit of online hotel booking as well. When there is no broker or travel agent involved in hotel bookings, naturally you save a lot of money.

Online bookings can also get you big discounts as compared to traditional bookings way. You can get the direct benefit of online booking and make your holiday stay even more memorable. Do you know that you can get many other benefits using the direct online hotel booking feature.? Read on to know more.

No added costs

The biggest advantage of direct reservation or booking is that there is no third party involvement. As a customer, you can get added benefits of 20 to 30%. If you book a room through a third-party agent, then apart from the booking cost you will have to pay a commission for the booking.

Local travel agents will book your room by charging a commission so you’ll be at loss. If a hotel has direct access to online booking, then it’ll benefit you and you’ll save on added costs.

The hotels that save on costs through booking at times also pass the benefit to customers at the time of room booking.

Various options available

With direct hotel booking, you’ll have a very transparent approach. You’ll know about the services and facilities on offer. By visiting the site you’ll be able to choose the type of room you are looking for according to your budget.

You’ll be able to know about the added benefits and features. Most hotels update the pictures of rooms in the gallery. Direct room bookings in a hotel will let you decide on whether the room is suitable for you or not. 

Better decisions can be taken with better options that are available for direct bookings. 

The interaction

When you visit the site of the hotel, apart from room information and a 360-degree view of the hotel, you’ll also get to know about testimonials. Feedback plays an important role in marketing and for hotels its also important. 

You can look through all the feedbacks and directly interact with the customer support team before you click on the booking option. Most websites also have a live chat feature that is available today. Through live chat, you can know about the tariffs and other facilities of the room and hotel. Better interaction will give you an exact picture. 

Booking acknowledgment

If you think that you won’t get any booking acknowledgment on direct booking then you need to think again. When you make an online booking of a room, the hotel will give you detailed information about booking.

When you make the final payment for booking a room, you’ll be given an acknowledgment recipe in an email from the hotel.

When you’ll have the first-hand copy of the booking acknowledgment, there will be no foul play of any sort. You just have to go to the hotel and at the time of checking in, show your receipt of booking.

With the increasing use of apps and the internet, most people today prefer direct bookings for the hotel. It not only saves time but also saves on costs and commissions to be paid to online travel agents. So, the next time you need to make a reservation in a hotel, choose direct booking.

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