7 Best Summer treks in Manali – TOG Manali

7 Best Summer treks in Manali – TOG Manali

Trekking In Manali

The splendid land of God’s, Himachal Pradesh is busy all year round with tourist activities. Manali is one of the favorite tourist spots that witness a lot of visitors from different parts of the world. From newly married couples to adventure enthusiasts, Manali has a lot to offer to everybody. Snowfall during the winters attracts a lot of tourists from India, but summers here in Manali bring separate reasons for visitor’s rush. Summer treks in Manali experience a huge surge of guests who are in search of an escape from the soaring temperatures of the cities. Summer trek places in Manali for your best vacation.

Lake Bhrigu trek

Bhrigu Lake is a very popular two days summer treks in Manali, which is like a soothing escape from the sweltering heat. The grass-covered topography of the Bhrigu Lake, the scenic view of the snow-covered Himalayan ranges and the varied flora –fauna of the land makes it a must-visit.

Kheerganga trek

The Kheerganga is not only a picturesque trek to explore but also serves as a gateway to other splendid zones. You will get an opportunity to visit the Parvati valley then Barshaini and finally Kheerganga. You will explore the rustic terrain all along the trip to this beautiful trek.

Chanderkhani trek from Malana

This is the most adventure-filled five-day trek which will take you through some of the toughest terrains you have ever visited. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the local delicacies and fresh fruits during your expedition. The trek begins from  Naggar village in Malana from where you will tread to Rumsu village then Nauya Tapru in Malana, Chanderkhai pass

Beas Kund trek

This is a beautiful trek to the river Beas with nature its best. From Mountain valleys to freshwater streams, from densely covered forests to lush green grasslands, it is a nature lover’s paradise. The trek takes roughly 4 to 5 days to complete and is merely 15 km away from Manali.

Khar Myundari trek

This 4-day trek begins at Sadan which takes an hour to reach from Manali. You will find nature at its best here with fully plump apple trees. A brief walk of 10-15 minutes from Satan and you reach your destination of Khar Myundari trek.

Kasol trek

This Himalayan trek resides in the Parvati Valley of Manali which is quite popular among tourists especially foreign tourists.you will get to visit quiet and peaceful nearby hamlets such as Tosh, Chahal, Rasol Malana Buddhaban and Grahan.

Bijli Mahadev

Bijli Mahadev is a divine temple trek dedicated to Lord Shiva. This trek has a mesmerizing view with ancient sculpting and decorations visible in the temple. This is a wonderful opportunity for exploration and meeting the divine.

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