Top 8 Things That Your Kids Will Love to Do in Manali!

Top 8 Things That Your Kids Will Love to Do in Manali!

Things to do in ManaliTourist Places in Manali

Manali is the most picturesque destination in India and a popular holiday spot where you can have fun with your family. Endowed in the raw beauty of snow-clad valleys and pristine lakes; Manali is also a popular destination for kids.

You heard that right. Kids love adventure and Manali apart from offering beautiful views also offers different kinds of adventure thrill.

Manali is also home to many tourist spots and temples. You can surely have a great time ideally exploring Manali with your little ones. Do visit all the tourist spots in Manali with your kids to have a great time.

Top 8 Things That Your Kids Will Love to Do in Manali:

1] Great Himalayan National Park

Kids just love nature and birds. When you visit Manali, you can take your kids to a great Himalayan National Park. The rear sightings of birds at the park will be an exciting adventure for your kids. The park is also home to many animals and birds, so your kids will surely have a great time.

2] Solang valley

Solang valley is popular for its captivating views of nature and adventure activities. During winters, your kids can also enjoy many snow adventure activities.

It is also popular for other adventure games. The place is ideal for a picnic as well, or if you intend to spend time with your kids and family in Manali.

3] Manikaran

Manikaran is a pious place for Hindus and Sikhs. It is home to a temple and gurudwara. The holy hot water springs in Manikaran will help to rejuvenate you. It is a good place to visit with your family and kids. The view from the place is surely captivating.

4] Clubhouse

It is the most frequented place by tourists who visit Manali. You can take your kids to the place for boating and playing around.

There are many other adventure activities in the clubhouse that can be enjoyed with kids like river crossing, karting, and skating. The place is built in a British style of architecture.

5] Jogini falls

Jogini falls is another great tourist attraction in Manali. The cascading waterfalls make up for a spectacular sight. The melodious sounds of nature will truly captivate every tourist visiting the spot.

You can also trek along with your kids to reach this place. The views of the falls will surely enthrall your kids.

6] Mall road

Mall road is the most happening place in Manali where you can relish delicious delicacies and shop with your kids.

Your kids will surely love the taste of icecreams and sizzling momos. Mall road also has many family restaurants so your kids will surely have a good time here.

7] Bhuntar

Bhuntar is a great place to enjoy an outing with your kids. The river streams amidst the mountains offer spectacular views.

If you are looking for an ideal place for a picnic in Manali, then you must head to Bhuntar. Don’t forget to click some amazing pictures in this place with your kids.

8] Nehru Kund

Again an ideal place for sightseeing with your family. Your kids will love the views from this scenic place. It is also a good spot for a picnic with your kids. You can play along or stroll through the area.

Make a list of all the above places and things you are going to do with your kids. Your trip will offer you amazing memories for life. Things to do in Manali – Tourist Places in Manali: Great Himalayan National Park, Solang Valley, Manikaran, Clubhouse, Jogini falls, Mall road, Bhuntar, Nehru Kund.

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