How to Choose the Best Hotel in Manali for Vacation

How to Choose the Best Hotel in Manali for Vacation

The Best Hotel in Manali for Vacation

Imposing mountain ranges, snow-capped peaks in the backdrop, spine chilling winds and raw nature all around; this is the land of Manali. Imagine you get to view this picturesque scene at a close.

Choosing a hotel in Manali which provides such a splendid sight is among the top priorities among guests. Moreover, the prices of such accommodations are higher than those which do not cover the scenic view which is of interest to the visitors. You will get a variety of stay-in options in Manali from cottages, huts, villas, homestays, hotels, etc.

Choice of location

The first and foremost decision to be made is choosing the vacation spot in Manali where you wish to stay. That decision depends on various factors such as whether you’re on an adventure trip, whether you’re on a nature exploration trip, honeymoon trip or family excursions. The decision also depends upon the budget you are willing to spend on your stay. 

Budget-friendly hotels in Manali

If you are staying closer to the mall road of Manali then the hotels will be a bit costlier however if you are staying on the outskirts of Manali or away from the river Beas then the prices will be well within range.  A few of the budget-friendly hotels in Manali irrespective of where you stay are listed below.

  • Sun park resort Manali
  • The Manali Inn
  • Hotel meadows
  • Hotel New Adarsh
  • Hotel blue heaven Manali
  • Hotel Manali Castle 

Luxury hotels in Manali

If you cannot compromise on hospitality standards and quality then there are many luxurious staying options available in Manali. You will get international standard quality be it spas sauna baths, holistic therapies, internet connectivity, gyms, swimming pools, a variety of cuisines, etc. A few of the luxury hotels are listed below.

  • Allure grand resort Manali
  • Amara resorts
  • The Himalayan
  • Urvashi’s retreat
  • Span resort and spa
  • Manuallaya -The Resort Spa in the Himalayas

Location-specific hotels in Manali

If you are trying to find a hotel which is in or nearby the mall road of Manali then this following list will give you some idea.

  • Apple country resort
  • Sun park resort Manali
  • Hotel mountain top
  • Hotel greenfields

If you are planning to stay in the valleys areas of Solang, Parvati or other famous areas in Manali such as Bhrigu lake, Beas river, Hadimba Mata Temple, etc the list below will be helpful.

  • Solang valley resort
  • Le grand
  • The cider
  • Snow valley resorts
  • Snow peak retreat
  • The Orchard Greens Resort and Spa
  • Urvashi’s retreat
  • The Anantmaya resort
  • Hotel Sitara international
  • Paradise homestay
  • The Himalayan village

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