3 Reasons Your Corporate Event Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

3 Reasons Your Corporate Event Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

Planning a corporate event demands a lot of energy and efficiency. Your organizational skills come in handy. However, even the smartest organizers sometimes fall short of the energy, especially when the date is very near. You might want to pull out a rewarding event, and now you are stuck. Something went off the track and you don’t know the reason. The Orchard Greens Resort and Spa has hosted many corporate events. The following are the common reasons we have seen the organizers are stuck in the bottleneck right before the event. The listed quick fixes might turn out to be a savior in distress.

Reason 1 – You are going haywire.

In many cases, the corporate agencies organize an event just because it has to be there but why in the world? The first thing is to decide the purpose behind all that gathering. It is important for both you and your audience to know what you are up to. This event is happening due to the efforts of your team. The whole process takes so much energy and brain. So, it is better to drive that energy towards a communal purpose.

How to fix it?

Simple! Set a target. Even if everything has been planned and invitations are sent out, it is still not too late. You can surprise everyone with a great opening that fills the participants with enthusiasm. Tell them the goals of your business and how their presence and contribution is vital for the completion of these goals. The Orchard Greens Resort has hosted many corporate events with great purpose.

Reason 2 – You are going old-fashioned.

Corporate events are held throughout history, formally, ever since the onset of the industrial revolution. In those days and even till the late 20th century, the companies focused on improving profits, irrespective of the employee welfare. The participants were only a chunk of the audience and had no say in the events. This is the 21st century and people sometimes still follow the same pattern. This not only reduces the involvement but also makes the event painfully boring for the audience.

How to fix it?

Introduce participatory activities. Try everything that can make your event more engaging. Kick out that old school bossy stuff and get in some fun time. You can inject the serious talk after the participants are really into the conference. For example, many corporate are hiring stand-up comedians for the show. We at The Orchard Greens Resort can make special arrangements for your special guests at the corporate event. The number of people showing up will increase when they will find in there something entertaining but not too eccentric.

Reason 3 – You are sticking to poor management.

From over-budgeting to overspending, often the corporate events are wired around expectations and not on reality. The managers do not take into account the benefits of the event and how much spending will be worthy. They also skip on the minor but essential details which lead to a loose execution. Management means to not let anything slip out of the plan, even the unforeseen circumstances. But poor management fails the whole event.

How to fix it?

Forget what you have lost and try to gather whatever you can save. The 11th hour is not always bad. See how much time you have, what are the climatic and weather conditions, the accessibility and quality of the venue, where are you spending more and which areas need more investment, etc. When you come up with a plan map, half of the project will solve itself. Deal with the rest of the part in like manner.

The above fixes can help you for the short term but be better prepared for the next time. Try not to lose the little details when you have some time ahead of the corporate event. Every little detail accounts for the impression and benefit. As an extra tip by The Orchard Greens Resort – try to outsource the load you can’t handle yourself. Remember that the events can be heavily bothersome to your time and money, so spend everything wisely. Planning corporate events demands a lot of energy and efficiency. Your organizational skills come in handy, Planning corporate events in Manali.

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