Become An Expert On Choosing The Right Hotel By Reading This Blog

Become An Expert On Choosing The Right Hotel By Reading This Blog

Manali is a thriving spot for tourism. As a result, many hotels are found in the region with no equation in their appeal to a customer. Choosing from many of these options can be a daunting task especially if you are about to visit the destination for the first time. There are many options around the town and one can easily set the choice by considering a few points. These are going to help you narrow down your search and arrive at the best shot among hotels in Manali.  Follow through the stated points to know the deciding factors that give a property an edge over the other.


Manali is an old town with mildly bustling streets. Some of its areas are extremely crowded and constant honking can be a problem for the guests. On the other hand, other areas are so sparsely populated that one may find it oddly isolating. It is best to choose a location that is not far from the main city and also not right in the middle of crossroads. Hotel The Orchard Greens is located in the Log Huts area. The location is nicely drivable and near to the main attractions like Hadimba Temple and old Manali. It offers ease of getting around the town walking and exploring the places.


Reviews and testimonials are like the litmus paper test for a hotel. Listen to what people have got to say for the property. You would definitely not want to end up with leaky taps and malfunction showers. Each hotel has a different approach towards entertaining their guests and addressing the complaints. Reviews are a window to show people how the hotel takes these problems. Hotel The Orchard Greens abides by absolute customer satisfaction. We pay special attention to our customer’s feedback.


The hilly region of Manali does not have open parking spaces. If the hotel you choose does not have ample parking spaces, you would probably find your trip more stressful than ever. Look for a hotel that offers ample parking space. Hotel The Orchard Greens Manali offers a covered and open parking space to accommodate several vehicles. Choosing Hotel, The Orchard Greens will make your stay comfortable and easy in Manali.


When it comes to relying on facilities, the hotel you choose must have the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay. The number of facilities marks the difference in the quality of the hotel. You would want a memorable stay with your friends and family in this beautiful destination. It becomes significant to make your luggage light. Hotel The Orchard Greens offers best in class facilities to the guests in each room. The facilities are revised and replenished after each stay.

Knowledgeable staff

The staff at the hotel should be knowledgeable and friendly. They should understand the needs of guests and should be willing to communicate smoothly. Hotel The Orchard Greens pays emphasis on making the stay of the guests most satisfactory. Our staff members are open and friendly to address any issue. We keep our communication clear and open so that our guests can freely express themselves. Even the hygiene and housekeeping of the hotel depends on the staff. You can read in the customer reviews about the staff.

Look for the in-house restaurant

Having an on-site restaurant has its own advantages. The guests don’t have to run around looking for food or get up and leave hungry. With an in-house restaurant, you can avail in-room service, have your dinner in your room or even get along with the family at the restaurant. The hotel’s own restaurant has many advantages and it is a good mark when choosing the hotel in Manali.

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