7 Little Changes that’ll Make a Big Difference with Your Destination Wedding

7 Little Changes that’ll Make a Big Difference with Your Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding (Wedding Venues in Manali) are gaining popularity these days. Everybody is looking forward to celebrating the most important day of their lives in a special place. It has to be dreamlike, it has got to be perfect, everything spic n span. At the same time, you also want your wedding to be a bit different. The ordinary stuff won’t work for you. Your destination wedding in Manali with The Orchard Greens Resort and Spa brings the difference you want. We have brought to you the little differences that may benefit you.

Choose a resort instead of a Villa

You might love the idea of gathering with your loved ones at a solitary romantic villa. The villas are indeed ideal for photos, feel like a home and you can stay closer to your dear ones. This may sound nice for a while but consider this – you will need to take extra staff with you, a dedicated maid for your own service, musicians and spare some extra space for wedding planners. Instead, if you opt for a resort, you will get extra rooms on the same premises and no stress of managing the staff. A resort saves you the pain of arranging everything yourself. You will look your best when you will be in your best mood. Speaking of the theme – it can be created with the help of some props.

Choose an affordable destination

You might be wealthy enough to throw a massive party at some mysterious place in Peru or Greece but will your guests be able do the same? Most people turn off the invitation simply because either the destination is too far to fly or the flights are expensive. You can choose the hotel or a resort that is accessible to all and set the venue of the wedding at a surprisingly beautiful place. Your guests will be happy if they do not feel drained with the occasion. The Orchard Greens Resort makes sure that every guest is taken care of in the best possible manner. 

Visit the site

Go to the site before finalizing it. There might be some elements you would like to add. This will also give you an idea of how much should you pack how much of the personal staff should you carry. You can also get a few pictures to explain to your wedding planners about the changes you need. This is something that people often miss out of their checklist and later find the place insufficient to the standards. 

Make it minimalistic

Often stuffy decorations are so loud that your designer wedding dress gets lost in the decor. Make it elegant and minimalistic so that each bit of the effort stands out. It will not only add quality but also save you lots of money. 

Create a website

Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life so freeze it in a website. A website gives a preview to the guests how exciting it is going to be. They can also see who else will be coming. Getting a wedding website has many benefits – see the wedding timeline, create single RSVP, set expectations and allure the guests to the thrill. This can also answer guest questions. 

Negotiate with vendors on travel

When you bring specialists with you, they often try to cut out the travel expenses which will further add to the cost. Ensure that their stay is nearby the venue and you have specified the budget including their stay expenses. The Orchard Greens Resort is a super luxury resort – the most comfortable place for you and your guests. Our Orchard Greens Hotel is next to the resort. You have more than 90 rooms at your disposal. 

Guest Roles

No doubt guests appreciate being pampered but they would love to be a part of it than just being spectators. Your inner circle might be busy taking care of you. You can assign a special fantasy role to the guests of the outer circle. This will give them their individual purpose. It will also bring the theme together.

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