10 Tips about Selecting a Hotel in Manali

10 Tips about Selecting a Hotel in Manali

Selecting the right hotel can be a tedious job, especially when it is about staying in Manali. You cannot be satisfied with the amenities and the rates. The Orchard Greens Resort brings you the few things you should consider when looking for a hotel in Manali. Manali has rough terrain and the hotels have to deliver a little extra to make their guests feel comfortable. Following are the few tips that can help you in your next visit to Manali. 

  1. Choose a location that suits your needs. You will be visiting many places and all of them are scattered throughout the valley. The Orchard Greens is in the Log Huts Area – a serene yet easily accessible place. 
  2. See if there are separate family rooms. You wouldn’t want to sleep like puppies, all snuggled up in one room, struggling to make space with an extra bed. Dedicated family rooms allow space for an extra bed and a separate bed for the parents. Afterall a comfortable bed is a necessity after a tiresome day trip. 
  3. Does the hotel provide pick and drop? Manali is a hilly area and taxis can sometimes be unimaginably expensive. See if your hotel is ready to pick you up. Go with the hotel cab even if this costs extra. It will save you both money and time.
  4. See what the reviews have got to say. If the reviews are genuine and good, you can safely embark on the journey. If there is a bad impression, better not try that one. Learn from their experience. A resort like The Orchard Greens ensures that no guest leaves with a bad experience. 
  5. See the facilities carefully. It sounds impressive but nobody wants to be in a hotel and still feel like at home. Expect the level of luxury to be higher than that you have at home. You are going on a holiday in a high altitude region and this means a better place to rest. 
  6. Select packages instead of rooms per day. The packages will save you a lot of money and the itinerary is designed for you to visit the nearby places in Manali. 
  7. Look for off-season discounts. Tourism is the main source of income for people in Manali. Some hotels offer hefty discounts when tourist traffic is low. You can avail the benefits. 
  8. Compare the rooms within the property. The Orchard Greens Resort has many types of rooms within the property. Compare the rooms for the facilities and then pick the one that suits you best. 
  9. See if the hotel has a power back up. Manali is a cold place and things can go freezing in winters. This also means power failure in the regular supply. These power failures should not affect your stay. Check if the hotel has its own backup and save yourself from the chills. 
  10. Does the hotel allow early check-in? Your flight might land early or you might arrive early for some reason. You wouldn’t like to stand stranded on the street or pay extra for a few hours. Ask the reservations department if they will allow early check-in. The hotels like The Orchard Greens Resort have more than ninety rooms, so getting a ready room for a walk-in is no problem.

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