Why You’re Failing at choosing the right hotel

Why You’re Failing at choosing the right hotel

Choosing the right hotel on a trip is not only important to make your stay comfortable but also save money. You want the best but what if you don’t get what you wish for? This sounds a little tricky right.

Don’t fall for the deals that you see for hotel bookings. You must evaluate the need and know about the features of the hotel you are staying in. You can make a mistake in haste and that will cost you more.

There are many mistakes that you make while choosing the best hotel. Do you know why you’re failing at choosing the right hotel? Well, read on to know more.

Price over location

Ok, be honest how many of you choose the price over location? Most of us do the same thing. It’s the deal and discount offered by the hotel that makes us do this. But it is a bad idea to choose a hotel with a low price option over the location.

If you need to travel for hours to reach the location of sightseeing, then half your time is wasted. Agreed, deals and discounts on offer can be tempting, but you will waste your precious time on the trip. Consider both options while choosing the hotel.

It is important that you choose the location first and then find a hotel with the best price there.

Ignoring amenities

If you think that staying at the hotel is your only need, then think again. If you ignore important amenities like Wi-Fi, power backup, Garden, Disco, Bell Desk, Travel Desk, and most importantly safe parking it is you who’ll suffer the most.

When you look for a hotel, it’s important to choose the best amenities and facilities. Always choose a hotel with features that’ll make your stay comfortable Like the spa and gym.

If you are going with your family for a holiday trip, then this is more important to have a big lawn where kids can play, and elders can enjoy tea/coffee.

Skipping the loyalty benefits

Every purchase you make through card has a reward. Most good hotels offer privilege card programs that help you save a little extra. So, if you don’t book a hotel that offers a privilege card, it is you who might miss things.

Skipping your loyalty points program will also affect your reward plan. So, choose a hotel with a great loyalty program scheme. This way you will be able to save money and get the best deal possible even in the future and for family members.

But you need to research for a loyalty program, as not all hotels offer the scheme. You can check online for the best hotels offering such benefits.

Low rates do not guarantee you the best deals

Most hotels make false claims about the deals. Low rates don’t guarantee the best possible deal. Deals and discounts are part of a business marketing plan. If you need to make your stay comfortable, you need to choose a hotel with the best deal that also offers the best service.

As a customer, you must get what you pay for. Check for the facilities and amenities before you choose a hotel for your stay. Online comparing can help you know about the rates and all the offers.

Pay heed to all the above factors before choosing the best hotel! The Orchard Greens is an ideal place to spend some quiet holidays.

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